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Prescribed Films Podcast Network


Welcome to the Prescribed Films Podcast Network! Home to hundreds of hours of free podcast entertainment. The shows on this network all have a common goal, providing you with the best discussions about movies and other forms of entertainment media. Led by our horror movie maniacs, Attack of the Killer Podcast, the PFPN hopes to fill your earholes with audio joy.
Thanks for listening!

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Attack of the Killer Podcast


Attack of the Killer Podcast is a group of friends who love to talk shop about horror movies, the genre they all love and work in. Join Insane Mike Saunders and Jason Bolinger (of independent film company Prescribed Films), Tadd Good (Director of the Snake Alley Festival of Film), and Andy Wassom (screenwriter) as they discuss several horror films within a specific topic each episode. The candid conversation is fun, sometimes informative, often unexpected, and always from the heart. If you’re looking for some new friends, then this horror podcast is for you!


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Land of the Creeps

Land Of The Creeps is a weekly horror podcast that takes an informative yet entertaining look at old and new horror movies. The crew consists of GregaMortis, Haddonfield Hatchet, Doctor Shock, Jessie Robbins

and Dr. Dirty.


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Midnight Snacks

Midnight Snacks is a podcast dedicated to the art of TV horror hosting.

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My Bleeding Ears

Horror, Action, Sci-Fi, and Cult Movie Podcast


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Late Nite Psychorama.jpg

Late Nite Psychorama

Three friends exhume and perform unscholarly autopsies on long buried and forgotten horror films from the drive-in era.


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The Horrorcast

The Horror Cast is a group of 6 friends....Walshy, Marknado, HorrorGal Susan, Revenant Vin, Mr. Venom and Kaptain Kreepy, who review horror cinema old and new. Check out one of the best horror movie podcasts on the web!

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The Atomic Weight of Cheese

Welcome to The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast, where cult cinema is real life and real life is frequently cult cinema! Hosted by Mike, Chad and Steph, three people who love movies, movie culture, pop culture, and nostalgia.


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Campfire IndoctriNation.jpg

Follow longtime friends and cinephiles Aaron Ries and Derek Ulin, as they take a deep dive into the world of horror films.


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Campfire IndoctriNation

Geeking Poetic.jpg

What do you get when you combine a long haired guy with a proclivity for a copious amount of toys, a bald guy with a penchant for truly abominable movies, and for good measure throw in a wide eyed girl that’s dangerously close to stalker status of all things Chris Pine? The Geeking Poetic Podcast! Join us as we weigh in on some of our favorite geeky and beyond topics. With just enough in common to like the same things but totally different perspectives, the guys will have a multitude of subjects to debate.


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Geeking Poetic Podcast


Bigfoot for Breakfast

Bigfoot for Breakfast, home of the mysterious and macabre, is a research-based entertainment podcast that is dedicated to the exploration of anything of a mysterious nature throughout the United States and beyond.


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Lunch Break

You’re on your lunch break and we're on ours, so let's spend it together! Landon Sheetz and Joey Loboda, two people you’ve never met, are the creators of Call In Mockery (a TV show you’ve never seen). Now, they present to you an audio show you’ve never heard of...UNTIL NOW. Each week, they discuss their eclectic lunch palettes, as well as pop culture, talk to guests, compare interdimensional hypotheses, and write podcast bios in the 3rd person. Join us, um, I mean JOIN "THEM”, won’t you?


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10 Podcast Lane

10 Podcast Lane

10 Podcast Lane is a podcast that deals with horror, myths, legends, and more horror. There are tens of thousands of stories out there relating to ghosts, monsters, and hauntings. Some well-known, others not so much.

This podcast will deal with as many as possible, coming twice a week.


10 Podcast Lane will deliver with horror and an eerie mood to give you the listener the best horror experience in pod world.

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The Movie Defenders


The Movie Defenders is a podcast which discusses the positive aspects of popular movies. Most movie review podcasts spend the entire time tearing down the movies you love instead of celebrating them. We take popular movies that have been ridiculed by critics and defend them. Come listen to a fun discussion of the movies you love, or perhaps re-consider a movie again that you didn't like as much as you wish you did. If you like movies, you found the only podcast with movie reviews that loves them as much as you do!

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GoreLords Podcast

You've made your way through the cemetery, the stench of death is in the air. You approach a decaying brick building, the sign is unclear. You brush away the moss and dust and are able to make out the words "The Gortuary". As you begin to process the words, mouthing them to yourself, three hands grab you by your boot, firmly and with ill intent. You look down and see that the hands have emerged from a crack in the door of the decaying building. It's evident to you that you've stumbled upon

"The GoreLords".

Live for horror, Die for gore are the last words that you hear.

Long live indie horror!! Support the Cause!

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In the Mic of Madness


We are a podcast devoted to the appreciation of horror.

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The Gore Score


Join us as we talk Horror on this excitingly terrifying and hilarious Podcast. Your Hosts Colby, Olivia, and Anthony cover everything Horror. They tell you the latest news in the film industry, talk about the latest trailers, review the latest movies and games, and tell you what movies you should and shouldn't be watching. All this and more on the Gore Score

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Brutal Breakdown

Brutal Breakdown.jpg

Focusing mainly on local southeast Iowa musicians, Cole, Mel, and Wenk take a look at the area’s past and present indie scene by chatting with the people who make it all happen.

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Beauty and the Screams

Beauty and the Screams is an independent podcast by Jennifer Lea and Emily Ann, two sisters that are very diverse in personality, and opinion. Weekly we tackle the dark and dreary to try and keep you all entertained.

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First Time?


Remember the first time you saw that movie that changed your life? Remember how you couldn't wait until school the next day to tell your friends about it? Well, this podcast is sort of like that, but we're telling everyone about our first time experience.

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Podcast From The Crypt

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Hosted by horror fanatics Chainsaw Paul and permanent guest host Wolfman Memo two guys who love all aspects of the horror genre.
Join us as we share our thoughts and opinions on new and classic horror movies, video games, ghost stories, all things horror!
Welcome to Podcast From The Crypt!

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Live Laugh Kill


A true crime podcast hosted by Kotah Griffin and Colby Keefe. We discuss big and small true crime. This is our passion that we’re so happy to be able to share our passion with others. We hope you join us on our journey in the true crime world.

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Cracktastic Plastic

Toy hunt by day; rock by night. The members of the punk rock band

X-Ray Mary come together to talk about their other love, retro toys. Focusing on G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers,

these guys love that colorful plastic!

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Bret & Tony

Bret & Tony featuring Abe & Ashlyn is a podcast where four friends come together to discuss a set topic and then go randomly off topic in ways we never imagined.

Every other week we discuss a random B movie that we find on Shudder. B Movies are the Best Movies.

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Rude Horror Podcast

A Midwest Horror Podcast discussing everything horror.
Movie reviews, Play by Plays, Interviews, Genre discussions

and much more!

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The Bad Movie Bunny Podcast


Every episode reviews horror and thriller movies,

but is the scream you hear your own?

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The Cine-Men Movie Podcast

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The podcasts of all podcasts! We break down all kinds of films, discuss entertainment news, our very own top 5 segments every week, and more. Our episodes drop every Monday night @ 9pm!

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Genre Exposure


A bi-weekly podcast plumbing the depths of genre films from the old, new, cult, and transgressive. Join us as we explore the wide world of cinema broadening our horizons one movie at a time.

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Haunted By Proxy

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Turn off your lights and join Joey and Landon as they bring you a curated selection of the darkest legends that the internet has to offer. What truths are these anonymous authors trying to warn us about?

Website | Apple | Spotify | GP | Stitcher | RSS 

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Fans of the Dead

Fans of the Dead is a new podcast where we simply just talk about our favorite genre of movies. Each movie will get a "Brain Rating".

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I Like It Spooky

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Welcome to the I Like it Spooky Podcast. Your go-to podcast for anything horror related where we always keep it spooky. Horror movie reviews, news, and more.

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Call In Mockery


Landon and Joey of the hit(?) podcast LUNCH BREAK are back with

CALL IN MOCKERY, based on their popular(??) TV show of the same name! Here's the catch: YOU get to be part of the show whenever you want! Call 319-DUB-MIIT (319-382-6448) to leave a message on our 24/7 call line and we'll play your message on-air, which dictates where the show will go!


Fans of other Prescribed Films Podcast shows will come for the inevitable movie discussions, but stay for the fact that you never truly know where the conversations will end up. With "celebrity" cameos, improv, songs, and more, the guys show that they'll do anything to make you laugh. Is that a good selling point? Sounds pretty sad, actually...


One important note from the hosts: As per the show's name, if you call us, we will, we will MOCK YOU! If you don't call? We decide where the episode goes. It's a real lose-lose situation no matter what. Enjoy!

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Screams from the Basement

Screams from the Basement.jpeg

Screams from the Basement with Sam and Casey is a bi-weekly horror podcast in which two friends discuss all things horror including new, recent watches, horror collectibles, and more!


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If you are interested in joining the network, please send links to Jason at

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